The source is in VB6. ConnectingFlight is offered as a service rather
than as a product because I've found every single site has some weird
nuance that the code doesn't catch. Some sites have moved their
documents through multiple products, each leaving some sort of residue
which needs to be accommodated. Some users adopted various practices
that weren't documented but didn't cause runtime aborts in document
rendering either. So I need to catch the nuances, tweak the engine in
old VB6 code, and rerun the conversion, sometimes repeated many times
on many thousands of documents. It was never worth it to me to convert
that project to .NET, but every year or so I need to whip it all out
and get it running again.


> From: James Canale, Jr.
> >"I would need to reinstall an XP box and VB6 just to do the job"
> Unless you have Win-7 Ultimate and then you'd only need VB6 if you
> use XP mode.

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