We use rdiff-backup for onsite backups, it creates a mirror and keeps 
differential for
Restoring to specific backup date images (although that is a file by file).

We run our nightly backups off the mirror

And update the mirror every 20 minutes - except while the backup runs

The mirror can be on the same system, SAN or another network

Rdiff-backup I believe will work between a linux box and windows


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On 21/06/12 15:59, Bill Brutzman wrote:
> Wol:
> Thanks.  One trouble with using FileZilla is having to remember to check that 
> pesky option for ASCII vs binary.
> It appears I need a new and improved backup and recovery scheme.  I like the 
> Linux box idea.
> --Bill
I've thought a little bit more about my idea ...

First, rsync to get a clean backup.

Then run a script over the backup to create a dated backup, use ln so
it's the same file in both the live and dated backup - saves disk space.

Then your daily backup consists of rsync'ing the master backup directory
- you need to tell rsync to delete and recreate rather than modify any
changed files.

Then rerun your ln script to create a new dated backup.

Hey Presto - unchanged files don't take up space with multiple copies,
you have a complete backup history going back however long you like, and
if you have to you can free space by deleting old backups.

The other thing on your backup system - consider using snapshots and
btrfs, but that imho is a lot messier.

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