In SQL Server, I think it is called UDF = user-defined function


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> On 25/06/12 17:47, Oaks, Harold wrote:
>> Hi Satya:
>> An I-descriptor is the same as an I-type (or a V-type).
>> It's like a little program in the DICT (dictionary) of a file.  It can
>> do very complex things, but quite often is used for very simple things,
>> but those simple things can be quite helpful.  Here is an example-
> I *believe* MS SQL-server has a similar facility called a "calculated
> field". A colleague told me a story of how he discovered this then went
> on a SQL training course. When he tried to explain this to the
> instructor and the class, most of them just couldn't understand. But the
> few (including the instructor) who "got it" just couldn't get over how
> useful this facility could be.
> Cheers,
> Wol
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