No, not as phantoms.

Here are all the details:

In the crontab, we have a line of code like this:
22 02 * * 1 /usr/igi/avante96/flodata/live/LIVE.DATA/QUO9010 > /dev/null 2>&1

This will launch a script called QUO9010 and send any UNIX outputs to /dev/null 
(effectively ignoring it).  This script looks like this:
# BAC 10-19-11
# Perform Quote Report of International Areas (QUO9010)
. /etc/profile
. ~/.profile

#setup for Unidata environment
#change directory and run the report
cd /usr/igi/avante96/flodata/live/LIVE.DATA
echo "(QUO9010) Weekly Quote International Report Started..."
udt < /usr/igi/avante96/flodata/live/LIVE.DATA/QUO9010.INPUTS > 
echo "(QUO9010) Weekly Quote International Report Finished..."

The key here is that as it fires up udt, it will take inputs from a file called 
QUO9010.INPUTS and all output from that (UniData) will go into a file called 

The QUO9010.INPUTS simply goes from the Avanté/SB menu to TCL, runs the report, 
displays the MUST.BE.LAST text we put at the end of all of these jobs, then run 

We are thinking that the "off" command is the problem.  OFF (or off) is a verb 
with a value of QUIT.  If I look at the VOC for QUIT, it is running:
001: C
002: /usr/igi/sb54/SB.DEFN/DMSH/_SH.OFF

We are thinking it might be the fact that it is running _SH.OFF and somehow 
getting messed up.  This morning, we changed one of our jobs from "off" to 
"BYE" to simply do a traditional exit from UniData.  Thus far, we have not had 
any problems, but the runaway condition is rare and random, so that does not 
mean much.  We are considering changing all the "off"s to "BYE", though we have 
not done so yet.



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Are you launching the UD programs via the PHANTOM command?  I don't know if 
this applies to UD, but UV cron jobs must be launched as phantoms.
If the programs are executed from cron as non-phantoms, any jobs that overlap 
in time will use the same shared memory segment, and chaos will ensue.  Our UV 
cron scripts typically look like something this:

UV=`cat /.uvhome`/bin/uv
cd /uvdata/LIVE.ACCOUNT


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We are having occasional, random issues with runaway processes.

We run lots of jobs through cron.  We pipe the output for each cron job to a 
xxx.RESULTS file so that we can review them in case there are any issues.  All 
of our cron jobs do the following:
  Set the needed environment variables
  Cd to the desired account
  Fire up a udt session
  Execute the desired programs/processes that are fed to it
  Print a standard "FINISHED" message
  Exit UniData (which should then kill the Unix script)

For some mysterious reason, random jobs will occasionally keep going.
Not only does this eat up the CPU, but the xxx.RESULTS file gets HUGE!
Gigs in size!  If we look at the contents of the RESULTS file, we see exactly 
what we would have expected from the script/UniData.  It shows that it cleanly 
executed the "off" command to terminate the udt session, but it then appears to 
have carriage returns for millions of rows.  In fact, the udt process is still 
active!  Even though we have typed the "off" command.  The RESULTS file will 
just grow and grow at an alarmingly fast pace until once of us kills the 

It is not consistent in any way that we have determined.  It is not the same 
script getting stuck - it appears random.  A script that gets stuck in a 
runaway status will work just fine the next time it runs.

Has anyone experienced this before and if so, what was the solution?

We are running:
  Model mbhp7640
  version of unix B.11.31 U
  ia64 bit machine
  Itantium box

    Module Name         Version   Licensed
UniData RDBMS............ 7.2     Yes
Connection Pooling....... 7.2     No
Device License........... 7.2     No
NFA...................... 7.2     No
RFS...................... 7.2     No
EDA...................... 7.2     No
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