Keep in mind that the index gets updated when the PRIMARY file gets written to 
disk.  If the value of the translate changes (because the secondary file gets 
updated), the index will still be loaded with the old value.  This is not a 
bug.  That is just the way it works.

For example, let's say you had a SALES.ORDER file (primary) that stores the 
CUSTOMER.ID as one of its field.  In the CUSTOMER file (secondary), you have a 
field called CREDIT.STATUS.

Next, you have a translate from the SALES.ORDER file going to the CUSTOMER file 
to return the CREDIT.STATUS of the customer associated with the orders.  No 
problem so far.

Next, you add an alternate index to this translate.  At that moment, everything 
is fine.

However, if the CREDIT.STATUS for a customer changes, the alternate index 
(translate) in the SALES.ORDER file will not know there is a change!  Any 
alternate indexes on the CUSTOMER file will be updated because the CUSTOMER 
file was written to disk.  Since the SALES.ORDER file was not written to disk, 
its alternate indexes remain unchanged.

Thus if you select all the SALES.ORDERs with the customer's CREDIT.STATUS = 
"1", you will get the orders whose CREDIT.STATUS WAS "1", but may not be any 

If you are confident that the value of the translate will not change, then you 
should be OK.


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"You can even put alternate indexes on I-Desc, though this can lead to serious 
problems if you are indexing a translate."

I read this comment (from an earlier thread on this list) and started
worrying: I have a requirement to select records based on a field that is not 
currently in the record.  I have been planning on creating an I-Desc that uses 
a TRANS() function to look up the data and then building an index on that field.

What sort of "serious problems" would I expect from indexing a TRANS() 

John B.

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