Perhaps. Anything that would have gone to the screen will go to the _PH_ record 
(note: if it's firing every 10 minutes you will want to automate a process to 
clean up the records).
You could put some CRT's in your LOGIN/program process to track it better. From 
a previous note it looked like the crontab item wasn't going properly (you 
could also put output into your crontab script so you could see when it runs.
It could also be as simple as surrounding the statement in quotes as per a 
previous suggestion - we do on Windows.
Good luck

> From: Charles_Shaffer
> Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 13:03:37 -0500
> Subject: Re: [U2] Problem running script from crontab
> >>> The phantom command will run your login paragraph. Is it setup to 
> allow this
> >>> process to go through? There should be something in the _PH_ 
> file/folder for
> >>> when the cron fired off.
> >>> hth
> >>> Colin
> This is interesting.  There are files being created in the _PH_ directory 
> for each run (they are 10 minutes) apart.  But they are empty. This means 
> that something failed right off the bat right?
> Charles Shaffer

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