I need to do a UniVerse LIST statement that would only populate a column if the 
contents met certain criteria.

For example, suppose we have a file with details of telephone usage and that 3 
associated mulitvalued fields contain date call was made, duration and if the 
call was a toll call. Is it possible to limit the output of the "date call 
made" and associated columns to a date range without that being a select 
criteria? If I were to do something like:

DATE.CALL LE "2012-06-30"  DURATION TOLL WITH @ID EQ '123456'

I would get zero record if employee 123456 did not make any calls in June. What 
I would like to see is the employer name and location returned with the date, 
duration and toll columns empty. I'm trying to do this in a LIST statement as 
it will be run by U2 Web Services (and for the time being a subroutine is off 
the table...)

Any advice, or an authoritative "NO, It can not be done" would be greatly 

Mark Hennessey
State of Connecticut
Department of Social Services
Information Technology Services
Child Support Systems
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Fax: 860-424-4813

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