Hi Chris:

You cannot get away with not resizing dynamic files in my experience.  The
files do not split and merge like we are led to believe.  The separator is
not used on dynamic files.  Your Universe file is badly sized.  The math
below will get you reasonably file size.

Let's do the math:

258687736 (Record Size)
192283300 (Key Size)
450,971,036 (Data and Key Size)

4096 (Group Size)
- 12   (32 Bit Overhead)
4084 Usable Space

450971036/4084 = Minimum Modulo 110424 (Prime is 110431)

I hate doing this math all of the time.  I have a reasonably priced resize
program called XLr8Resizer for $99.00 to do this for me.

"XLr8Resizer for the rest of us"
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