You can do just about anything by calling a subroutine from an I-type
dictionary item.
On 3 July 2012 05:41, Mecki Foerthmann <> wrote:

> Since we don't have outer joins I would build a work file starting with
> selecting all employees, then select the calls and merge them together in a
> loop. How you do it depends on how you want to present the data.
> If you're happy with showing the calls as multi values you can build the
> records that way and if you like one row per call you should probably have
> one row per call.
> Then report on the work file.
> That is the easiest way I can see to include employees who didn't make any
> calls.
> I can also think of a few approaches involving stored parameters and
> dictionaries or a dictionary in the employee file that builds the call info
> in a subroutine as multivalues using an index by employee on the calls file.
> In any case you will most likely need to base your report on the employees
> file not the calls.
> On 02/07/2012 14:53, Hennessey, Mark F. wrote:
>> I need to do a UniVerse LIST statement that would only populate a column
>> if the contents met certain criteria.
>> For example, suppose we have a file with details of telephone usage and
>> that 3 associated mulitvalued fields contain date call was made, duration
>> and if the call was a toll call. Is it possible to limit the output of the
>> "date call made" and associated columns to a date range without that being
>> a select criteria? If I were to do something like:
>> DATE.CALL LE "2012-06-30"  DURATION TOLL WITH @ID EQ '123456'
>> I would get zero record if employee 123456 did not make any calls in
>> June. What I would like to see is the employer name and location returned
>> with the date, duration and toll columns empty. I'm trying to do this in a
>> LIST statement as it will be run by U2 Web Services (and for the time being
>> a subroutine is off the table...)
>> Any advice, or an authoritative "NO, It can not be done" would be greatly
>> appreciated.
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