>>John Hester

>>That sounds like the correct way to determine total license count.  In
>>UV at least, there is also a more official way to do it via a built-in
>>subroutine called !GET.USER.COUNTS.  I don't know if it exists in UD.  I
>>have a simple program I can run at TCL that calls it and reports the

>>0001: CALL !GET.USER.COUNTS  (uv.users,  max.uv.users,  os.users)

>>0002: PRINT "Max UniVerse users    : ":max.uv.users

>>0003: PRINT "Current UniVerse users: ":uv.users

>>0004: PRINT "OS users              : ":os.users

Thanks.  I used the code you shared and some of my own to show the Users, 
RPC connections and the sum.  This will give me a tool to watch the number 
of connections and compare to the occurrences of problems.  Naturally, 
since it is late on Friday afternoon, things are quieting down. 

Charles Shaffer
Senior Analyst
NTN-Bower Corporation
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