Today's increasingly competitive market makes it crucial for resellers and 
developers of MultiValue applications to keep up with rapidly evolving end user 
expectation and demand. The successful organizations will be the ones who are 
able to respond effectively to this fundamental power shift and support the use 
of an ever-increasing diversity of platforms, namely: web (browser), mobile 
(phone and tablet), desktop (rich-client), web services and future developments.

Other MultiValue vendors may claim to offer tools to create or enhance 
MultiValue applications but they have absolutely nothing to compare in user 
presentation, development speed, time to market, cost and openness than mv.NET 
from BlueFinity!

BlueFinity International leads the market in its provision of MultiValue 
centric tools for the most widely used and serviced application development 
environment on the planet - Microsoft .NET. And, in doing so, allows 
organizations using MultiValue technology to utilize both the immense range of 
application development tools and the huge pool of .NET aware application 
developers in order to meet the significant challenges of an ever changing 
application development landscape.

Whether you are a developer, a reseller or a user of MultiValue applications, 
join us for a 20 minute high level introductory look at the series of 
ground-breaking BlueFinity innovations that will catapult MultiValue 
applications to the forefront of tomorrow's computing solutions.

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