I second Wil on this one.

I wouldn't expect two dynamic arrays to be equal (using the = operator) unless 
Were EXACTLY the same, since a dynamic array is nothing more than a string 
With multiple delimiters, so by checking  x = y.

If you want to compare dynamic arrays on an attribute by attribute level maybe 
Could have a way to say  x<> = y<>  or use the compare function which is what 
Asking...to compare on array against another, vs asking if one array is exactly 
The other.

Which was why I asked about the length's being equal. If the two arrays didn't 
The same length, then don't even bother to ask if they are the same!

I think the confusion is with x=y where x and y are string representing numbers 
Can be equal, but not the same - but once you put a delimiter in that string, 
all bets
Are off.


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I think you missed the point that UV (and it's kin) do *not* compare all 
strings numerically if possible.
It entirely depends on which operation you try to use.
That was the example I gave where all the strings are numerically identical and 
yet the equal test fails.

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