the Universe accounts can also have other LOGIN type records in their VOC, there could be one for the account name and one for the user name too. Maybe those are doing something strange?

On 8/17/2012 3:46 PM, Jeff Fitzgerald wrote:
I have a client who's seeing a very odd UniVerse error.  Any thoughts about
it would be most appreciated!

This is a UNIX server running AIX 5.3 and UniVerse 10.2.7.

The UniVerse home directory is at /u1/uv - the following command is entered
at the UNIX prompt:

# /u1/uv/bin/uv "COUNT VOC"

the response is:

Verb "60" is not in your VOC.

Things I've checked:

*  There is no LOGIN record in the account VOC

*  There is no UV.LOGIN record in the uv account VOC

*  Same response when the command is run in various accounts, including uv

*  /u1/uv/bin/uv is an executable file and not a script

This one has me scratching my head.  The actual problem is with a C program
that forks a child to execute a UV session - the child dies with the same

Probably something obvious that I can't see.  Help me out please!

Jeff Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald & Long, Inc.
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