Are they using terminals or PCs?

Are they using an ADDS or WYSE emulation regardless of if they are using terminals or PCs?

The reason why I am asking is because I used to have a similiar error at one place where they had WYSE50 terminals.

There is a character sequence on those terminals that if printed to the screen causes the terminal to report back the model number of the terminal by entering them into the input buffer. I think it was <ESC> <SPACE> .

If you print this sequence to the screen and you have a WYSE50, it would enter a "50" for you at TCL which would then say "50 is not a verb" or something like that. Same goes for WYSE60.

This is just a clue. I would rule out control characters at this point.

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On 8/17/2012 12:46 PM, Jeff Fitzgerald wrote:
I have a client who's seeing a very odd UniVerse error.  Any thoughts about
it would be most appreciated!

This is a UNIX server running AIX 5.3 and UniVerse 10.2.7.

The UniVerse home directory is at /u1/uv - the following command is entered
at the UNIX prompt:

# /u1/uv/bin/uv "COUNT VOC"

the response is:

Verb "60" is not in your VOC.

Things I've checked:

*  There is no LOGIN record in the account VOC

*  There is no UV.LOGIN record in the uv account VOC

*  Same response when the command is run in various accounts, including uv

*  /u1/uv/bin/uv is an executable file and not a script

This one has me scratching my head.  The actual problem is with a C program
that forks a child to execute a UV session - the child dies with the same

Probably something obvious that I can't see.  Help me out please!

Jeff Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald & Long, Inc.
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