Unidata 7.1.8
HP-UX 11.11i

I am attempting my first sockets programming project.  It appears that 
'initServerSocket' and 'openSocket' are working OK.  'getSocketInformation' 
returns info.

But 'acceptConnection' only seems to timeout, yet it returns a RESULT of '0' 
(no error).   The SocketHandle3 variable is not set.  

Without this SocketHandle3 variable I cannot read ('readSocket').  I am doing a 
'readSocket' after I have done a 'writeSocket' I am expecting a reply from the 
remote application (Oaisys call recording).

What am I missing?  The Unidata manual is pretty sparse.  Maybe I have an issue 
with network permissions/firewalling?

Any ideas on what may be going on with 'acceptConnetion' ?   Maybe you have 
links to deeper Rocket documentation?


Marc Rutherford
Principal Programmer Analyst
Advanced Bionics LLC
661) 362 1754

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