in·ter·po·late (n-tûrp-lt)
v. in·ter·po·lat·ed, in·ter·po·lat·ing, in·ter·po·lates
1. To insert or introduce between other elements or parts.
a. To insert (material) into a text.
b. To insert into a conversation. See Synonyms at introduce.
3. To change or falsify (a text) by introducing new or incorrect material.
4. Mathematics To estimate a value of (a function or series) between two known 
To make insertions or additions.


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Sorry but I always thought iterpolation means describing a mathematical 
function like  Y=2X for instance  by producing a graph from it or 
describing key parameters in a system of coordinates (x,y) like where it 
crosses the y- or x-axis, if it rises or falls and in which degree etc. .

On 24/08/2012 04:56, Tony Gravagno wrote:
>> From: jjuser
>> Does UniBasic have a way to do variable interpolation (without
> writing to
>> a file, compiling it as a program, and calling it)?
> Do you mean something like this?
> VAL = 0
> CRT VAL ; *  4
> That would be Awesome! I don't believe any of the MV platforms do that
> because I've been looking for it for 15 years. It can be simulated in
> various ways, but you did limit the scope of the challenge.
> I think you're trying to avoid this?:
> CODE = \ CRT DATE()+20\
> * OUT is 16327
> In this case the PGEN program reads from TCL, writes, compiles, runs,
> and that output gets captured. But at least the mechanism for
> performing that task is abstracted from this client/application code.
> Cache' allows you to enter code at TCL and then execute it without
> saving/compiling. That can also be simulated in U2. I don't think I've
> ever seen anyone else ask for it here - certainly no one willing to
> pay for it. ;)
> Out of curiosity, what's your application for this? And please correct
> the above if I've misunderstood the question.
> T
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