On 24/08/12 14:54, Wjhonson wrote:
> For some reason either Universe on Windows does this, or are particular users 
> are doing something where a large number of processes are left "running dead" 
> on the Windows server.  That is, the process *claims* to be a telnet process, 
> but it's not actually attached to any live Universe process any longer.
Is this an OLD version of UV? This would regularly lock up our old 9.6
system, so if that's what you're experiencing I could understand why
you're looking at that.

> I suppose it's possible that if a user in Universe is idle for a long period 
> of time, that they get killed in Universe, but are still living in Windows.  
> I'm not sure that's what's happening.
We never worked out what was actually causing it. And it went away after
an upgrade.

> Anyone else ever try to match up the Windows processes to the Universe 
> processes  like this?

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