Bob UniData was spelled two ways because one was the company name and one
was the product name.

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Who on earth is going to understand what 'release quantum' (RQM) means?
Still, it worked.. and such a clever, 'techie-appealing' concept - tho I
don't know that it ever did what I was told it did, it sure sounded good!


UniBasic User's Guide, Release 2.1, Copyright 1991 by Unidata, Inc.

"The original purpose of RQM was to release remaining execution time
reserved for a program, allowing other programs to use the time. If a
particular program was very computation-intensive, RQM could improve overall
system performance. In UniData, this command functions like the SLEEP
command. For further information, refer to the SLEEP statement later in this

It is kind-of interesting to note the undecided way to spell Unidata/UniData
back then (or that UniData hadn't been registered yet); there are no typo's
(by me) in the above... Also note that the SLEEP page of the document makes
no mention of RQM...

REALITY by Microdata. DATA/BASIC Programming Manual, Series 3.0 - 4.0,
Release 4.0, February, 1981

"The time-shared environment of the REALITY system allows concurrent
execution of several programs, with each program executing for a specific
time period (called a timeslice or quantum) and then pausing while other
programs continue execution. The RQM statement causes a one-second sleep,
terminating the program's current timeslice. The RQM statement may be used
in heavy compute loops to allow increased execution speed of other
concurrently executing programs by giving up time. It may also be used to
cause pauses."

IIRC, the 'M' was measurement; the "measurement" was whatever remained of
the processes timeslice.

Documentation back to UniVerse 6.3.3 makes no mention of RQM...

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