0. Thanks so much for writing.
1. Yes... same problem on the same file... now fixed.
2. I have read both the Rocket ODBC and JDBC documentation exhaustively... and 
found these manuals to be rather excellent.
3. I have also had trouble with getting the Rocket JDBC driver to work with 
Adobe's new release of ColdFusion 10.  It is like I have to again write a 
little Java program to troubleshoot the connection string thing.  We may be 
forced to upgrade our version of UV.
4. Much as I would like to attend all the Rocket UV courses... I find these 
courses to be pricey and involve serious days and travel. 
5. I would like to see Rocket move the courses to Lynda.com or do something 
similar to Lynda.
6. I am delighted to learn about the seminar... I registered for it.  I am 
surprised that I did not learn about it except through this back door.
7. This list being something of a forum... as I understand it... posts on 
newbie, intermediate, and advanced questions are all welcome.  If the question 
is directly answerable via an official Rocket manual... then the originator 
risks suffering the punishment of embarrassment from the respondent who... from 
some point of view... is following in the traditions of the late William F. 
Buckley, Jr.
8.  The speed of the u2ug forum responses in of course invaluable.


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Is this query related to the one you posted/resolved here: 

Same problem/solution? 

I kindly suggest that you go on a Rocket UV course to help work out how to get 
the best from UV. Plus the UV ODBC documentation is quite detailed on the use 
of HS.SCRUB. So I assume you're followed it's correct used - before you posted 
this request for help.

BTW check this out Rocket U2 Webinar coming soon:

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When I do a 

5. Run HS.SCRUB on a File/Table.. [F]ix

Most of the files here work ok.

This one (important) data file INVOICE... it starts an... Analyzing: *    and 
then just sits there.

I looked at the dictionary and purged a bunch of extraneous "}" characters from 
several the NAME fields.

I expect to resize the file but... it is not like the file is badly oversized.

This is on UniVerse v10.1 running on HP-Ux Itanium.

Suggestions would be appreciated.


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