On the back of a Sopranos T-Shirt... it indicates... "Know Your Role".  On the 
front... there is a smoking gun.

Of course, U2 is not open-sourced... my goal role is merely that of a pragmatic 

As Rocket monitors this list to a greater or lesser extent... that is Rocket's 
business decision.

As potentates here in the US have indicated that "corporations are people" and 
that "as citizens we are united"... 

Thus, perhaps it makes sense that  tech support fixes are  for the "good of a 
corporate humanity" and...

Consider listening to the new wave album by Devo... "Duty Now For the Future".


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For the good of humanity, it's the duty of every person on the list to raise 
stinks to Rocket on stupid system behavior like this

It's probably not that hard to fix and will avoid the NEXT person from having 
to live the trauma.

And then we can get back to reminiscing about RQM - the true reason for the 
list....    ;-)

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