I am glad to learn now that UV 11 has some major new OBDC things. 

Yesterday... I just released my third HTML app (runs on both mobile + desktop) 
that uses ColdFusion to grab UniVerse data to hydrate and launch pdf forms in 
the user's browser.  The apps/forms... [1] Purchase Order [2] Invoice [3] Part 
Inspection... were whipped up with Adobe's (LiveCycle) Designer.  I can now do 
one (or two) form apps like this in one day.

I have not aware of any other technology out there that can do this.


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You make good and valid points. :)

To all question posters in general (not directed a Bill): 
The better the quality of the problem definition and context = the better the 
quality of the response. 

As I sometimes jokingly tell my users: 
All answers are free, but correct answers are cost money. However, dumb and 
puzzled looks are at no extra charge!

I agree, it is difficult to justify the expense of any course - let alone 
finding the time to attend - even if it is a webinar-style course. Send your 
suggestion directly to Rocket about posting on that site. They won't know 
unless you do that.

It sounds like you should upgrade to UV11.x to get the most out of ODBC 3.0 
compliance and any other bug fixes in UV. 

Any reason you really need to use ColdFusion? Can some other tool do what you 
want? Have you turned-on server-side and client-side debugging to pinpoint your 

Yes, I fumbled across the Dictionary clean-up webinar myself - after seeing an 
invite to another for U2 .NET Toolkit held the other day. 

Kind regards,

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