On 07/09/12 18:28, Mecki Foerthmann wrote:
> I guess it always depends on where you come from and what you know.
> I would say the account philosophy is much cleaner than having duplicate
> file pointers.
> And of course we have accounts in U2 too - it is the working directory.
> I have to admit I always hated to work on PI sites - it was not only
> painfully slow the different syntax was a real pain in the backside too.

As you say, it's what you know. When we moved from PI to UV, we kept
completely in Prime syntax. When I moved to another site that had come
from the Pick side, the syntax just seemed strange and illogical ...
come on, mixing commas and semicolons as argument separators to the
locate function! (I think I've got the right function...)

Mind you, there were a couple of PI funnies I always cursed - TRANS was
illogical in its handling of "raise" and "lower". I'm sure there was
another one, I can't remember it now.

And iirc PI handled complex compound i-descriptors correctly, unlike UV
which expands them like a C macro with "unexpected" effects ... Still PI
should get it right, seeing as it invented them!

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