You can adjust your network adaptor to stop the PC Power Management facility 
from turning it off. This should alleviate this problem for you.

Run the "Device Manager" applet in the control panel, select the "Network 
Adapters" then select the appropriate adaptor. Right-click and select the 
Properties option. On Vista, there is a "Power Management" tab that shows a 
tick-box that indicates if the Power Management can turn the power off for the 

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Subject: Re: [U2] [Windows]

Update on this case.
If you set the sleep mode on your local PC such that it goes to sleep (power 
save), say while you are at lunch, this will apparently disconnect Universe 
telnet sessions.  I tested this on my own PC, with ALL OTHER programs not 
running, except Accuterm connected to Universe which from the command prompt 
was doing a Loop-On Time with a five minute pause between loops.

I set the sleep mode to go to sleep in one minute (typically you might have 15 
minutes, 30 minutes or an hour).
When it went to sleep, or rather when I woke it up ten minutes or so later, my 
session had been disconnected.

This may explain not one, but *two* issues we are having here.  Zombie sessions 
where the person never does login and yet the telnet process keeps running 
forever (which have apparentlydisappeared on Universe 11), and users getting 
disconnected while in records (because they went to lunch apparently).

So the moral of the story is, set your sleep mode to wait at *least* an hour 
before going to sleep.

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Subject: Re: [U2] [Windows]

Update on this case.
We recently upgraded our main server to Universe 11, and it's also a virtual 
server The problem with these zombie telnet sessions appears to have gone 

I haven't seen any in nine days, and they used to appear one to three times 
every day.

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Subject: Re: [U2] [Windows]

No that's wrong.  So far none of the solutions presented has given me the IP or
hostname of the particular telnet clients involved.

As I mentioned before, you probably didn't read this one, when you start a
telnet client it appears in the tasklist

In this case, it's tl_server.exe which is Rocket's special telnet server
However IF you do *not* login on that telnet server, then no corresponding entry

is made in the netstat table, or perhaps one is made and then nulled out again.

At the point you want to ask, well what are the ip numbers of these connections,

you have 62 tl_server entries and 61 (repeat 61, not 62) netstat entries.  That
one extra "zombie entry" in the tasklist, is not present in the netstat output.

So netstat is apparently only showing live or active connections or whatever you

might call it, whereas the windows server is holding on to one or more *extra*

Yes you can kill those *extra* tl_server.exe sessions, but really it would be
nice to know what activated them.

I killed all the zombies last week, and now I'm back up to about six extra
tl_server sessions without corresponding netstat entries

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Subject: Re: [U2] [Windows]

What's the real goal here? To get the hostname of any random telnet
client? You have the information you need to do that. If nothing else
you can get the IP address and someone can manually chase down who's
connecting in. Block rogue connections at the firewall.

I mean, at this point you're going around in circles and the detail
you're providing is irrelevant to the task. What still needs to be
resolved? You're right. It doesn't matter what client program is being
used as long as they come in via the standard telnet port and we don't
care what time of night someone is connecting in.

Why can't this thread be marked RESOLVED?


> From: Wjhonson
> Oops I need to modify my message about these zombie tl_server.exe
> Windows sessions...

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