Hi geniuses!
I know that in Unidata there is a udt options flag that allows data-stacking
to work.  I can't find anything similar in Universe.  But even if I could,
my problem seems to run a little deeper than that.  I can write a test
program that data stacks two pieces of info into another program that has
two input commands.  No problem, that works.  But if I try to CHAIN or
EXECUTE SB.LOGIN datastacking the user ID and password it fails.  But get
this - it succeeds in some of the accounts (universe directory accounts) but
fails in others.  Is there something about the accounts, the flavor, some
setting that would prevent a datastack from making it -- maybe because it is
a chained command?  I tried it with EXECUTE, no difference.

Anyone run into something like this?  Anyone who is an SB+ user might
suggest that I use the AUTOLOGIN option, but that doesn't change the
behavior at all.  It still makes me login, still won't take the data stack.

I am not well-versed at administrative commands that might tell me things
about the account settings and flavor and tunable parameters - so if there
is something obvious I could look at, don't assume that I know it.

Any and all help, as always, greatly appreciated!


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