The installation instructions of Rocket is quite good and does indeed mention 
the need to use "cpio" on UNIX servers. See "Quick Installation" and 
"Step-by-step Instructions" (of NEWINSTALL.PDF)...

However, the instructions from Rocket could be improved - with a minor 
revision, as the Installation guide assumes you're using a CD-ROM or tape drive 
to get the installation software on your system.

It is not clear that after you download the software archive file from the 
Internet, that you can upload it (as a binary file) to your UNIX host. Once 
there, "un-zip" (preferably as root) and then you must perform the "cpio" after 
that step.

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No sir, I did not know that,  why would they cpio it anyway?  Not that it 
matters I was just curious, anyway thanks for the info.


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Have you remembered that STARTUP is a cpio archive?

# cpio -uvcdumB uv.load < STARTUP

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Subject: [U2] STARTUP file issue with UV11.1 PE version (Linux)

I recently downloaded uv 11 and when I went to run STARTUP I got a weird error, 
upon looking at the STARTUP script I noticed it had a bunch of binary and other 
junk at the beginning of the file, I removed all the "extra"
stuff, saved the file and it ran just fine.


Has anyone else seen this?  I re downloaded the zip and still had this issue.  
It was easy enough to resolve but I thought I would mention it.






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