Since I'm on Linux, I use wget to access the webservice (can also handle SOAP 
headers too), then
Capture the output...and parse away.

I've written some helpful internal parsing tools for XML - but it requires you 
to know what your looking for.
You can parse for a value like "top>node1>node2>node3>elementname" and it will 
drill down and return the value.
Or just cut out "node1" from "top". Also have a tagcount routine to let me know 
how many times a node repeats
Then I can loop through, and pull a specific node as it's own XML, then just 
parse that one.

Right now, the XML parser is for very straightforward XML. It might work with 


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I know we have both the SOAP and RESTful web services development for 
publishing web services from Universe but how are folks consuming other 
peoples web services into the database? Are there tools for this or am I 
going to just open a socket, read, and parse 'till I'm blue in the face?
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