At UV11.1.9 the shared memory segment cannot be greater than 32 megabytes. When 
I tried to set the various values for approximately 800 users and have a huge 
record/group lock table I blew the limit.

Suggest you try to pare down as much as possible the lock table if it is large.

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I need guidance from those who have battled (and hopefully won!) the UV11 
shared memory setup.

I am configuring a RHEL6 server with UV11.1.9 to perform some load testing, and 
am getting an issue with uvregen processing the uvconfig settings.

The error is:

       # uvregen
       Disk shared memory size of 44759272 exceeds maximum allowed size of 
       uvregen: error during regen, process aborted
       uvregen: error during regen, process aborted

The question is:

       What setting(s) in the uvconfig file (or in unix) control the "maximum 
allowed size" value of 33554432 (32768k, 32mb)?

We are tuning for 1040 uv processes (with 10 device licenses per proc, and 2 
connection pool licenses and possible 45% phantom process loading), so the 
following uvconfig settings are in place:

       NUSERS 15083
       SHM_GNTBLS 32
       SHM_GNPAGES 480
       SHM_GPAGESZ 512



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