Thank you for the reply.  I have an AIX environment and would stay in that
environment with this conversion...

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Hi Danny:

We have converted a lot of D3 users to to Unidata.  The biggest part of the
conversion is the dictionaries.  Unidata uses the "Prime" standard
dictionaries unlike Universe which can use both "Prime" and Pick standard.
 Unidata conversion utilities want to make all of the dictionaries
multi-valued which complicates the virtual fields or the I-descriptors.

The basic code converts fairly easily except for spooling.  Unidata supports
Windows spooling so you options of SP.ASSIGN are limited and you should
convert the commands to SETPTR which allows you to control all aspects of
the printing for laser printers.  If you are converting to Unidata UNIX then
all printing is pretty standard.

If you are converting to Unidata Windows or Unidata UNIX, there are some
special characters that the OS's do not like.  We have found a lot of Id's
that are problematic but not so in D3.  You will have convert any special
characters out of D3 before copying them over to Unidata.

Good Luck,
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