Hey Gregor, your blog is inspiring, will need to spend some time

Over the weekend I wrote a XPath-like parser to extract data out of
XML documents like you explain how to build them. At some point I'll
probably FOSS this at PickWiki. I invite you to post to PickWiki, or
at least link to your blog in key spots where others provide XML info.
Email me if you need assistance.

All: One thing frustrates me about content that's hosted in private
websites and Not hosted in the wiki. People have a tendency to post
content and then stop paying for their domain. So huge repositories of
valuable code and wisdom get lost. PickWiki links to a few sites that
were lost like this. Either the people died or lost interest or
re-hosted somewhere and didn't bother to tell anyone. If you have code
or info of value, post it to PickWiki  - or at least make sure there
are plans to share your published information in the event of your
untimely "STOP/END".

Tony Gravagno
Nebula Research and Development
TG@ remove.pleaseNebula-RnD.com
Visit http://PickWiki.com! Contribute!

> From: Gregor Scott 
> Of course it can go on a wiki - I documented it so people know there
> a way.
> Which wiki - pickwiki or the U2Ug wiki?

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