I'm not suggesting they would look on the Rocket site.
I'm suggesting we should have a list of such vars, on the Internet.
Not in someone's internal contact list, where it does not good to us in the 

My clients are not going to ring up their "local Rocket distributor" who has 
never once tried to make contact directly, and at any rate when they feel the 
software needs to be replaced they will start by "doing their own research".

Which will, more times than not, show a few competitors, but nothing from 
Rocket / U2
Sure maybe that's the fault sometimes of the vars, but should *all* the weight 
be on the vars and none on Rocket to produce such a list?

Pick Systems did produce such a list (for several years) with buy in from the 
vars who thought it would be a dandy way to get advertising and side by side 
comparisons with their competitors perhaps.  Or perhaps they decided they 
didn't want that at all!  At any rate, it used to exist, in exactly the way 
I've described.




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Hi Will

They won't look for video software on the Rocket site, they are going to look 
for solutions in trade journals and on the internet.  That is where the ISVs 
focusing their advertising.  

With the issue about finding solutions, make contact with a local sales person 
at Rocket or one of the Distributors.  They should be able to point you to 
references.   They can give you a one off verbal, that would not be allowed if 
it went to print or the internet.   If it is published it has to go to legal, 
it is a verbal comment made one off, it does not require legal.  That is why 
George raised it is easier to make a phone call.


David Jordan

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