You're not coming at it from the same angle I am.
To me I want to stress that it's easier, because it keeps one more client in 

The clerks who run reports and do back ups and so one, would like the 
instructions to be at least similar, not have to learn everything again from 
When some debugging must be done, it would be nice if the same essential 
environment was being used, on the same essential hardware, just "freshened up".

Yes the datafields will change, and the screens will change, but the underlying 
system will remain the same.  So part of the migration issue vanishes.  It's 
not all database.


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If you have to migrate your data from your old system to your new system I
don't think it matters at all that the databases the systems use are the
same, the formats of the data will be so different you are going to have to
do an export and import anyway.

I sell my products into their verticals based upon their functionality. Most
of my customers don't know that it runs on unidata, the ones that do ask
never make a comment as it is not the reason they are buying software , what
they need is a solution to their business problem.

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Then you're not understanding me.

I am not speaking at all of sites that use home-built systems.
I am speaking of vendors, who sell application abc, to *others*, and yet
their advertising is squelched by all the noise.

If I have a client who is say a video rental store (they do still exist) and
their existing software company has vanished, the owner is most likely to
say, gee let's look at what's available in the market to move our data to.

If I can say, here is another company, also making software for your exact
same vertical, and luckily, they use the exact same database.... that is an
advantage to me, and the client both.

I can't do that today, because unlike some other databases, their doesn't
seem to be any such resource to list who has what app for sale in the MV




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Hi Will

What you are raising is the issue of internal customised U2 sites which are
dying breed.   The new market is applications where people buy the
not the database.   Vendors see no benefit from advertising that they use U2

where they get no financial benefit and they could disadvantage themselves.

Even Oracle based packages are talking less about Oracle.  If a site is 
Microsoft SQL Server, why get yourself knocked off the list.   The trend is
that Oracle is buying ERP tools to sell, because people no longer make
on Databases.  SAP is moving the customer to their purchased Sybase
The market is all moving towards applications as the decision making

George and I advertise that we run on U2 product, but many of the ISVs don't
see any benefit.


David Jordan

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