If Universe, look at NAP, it does milliseconds.
Can't remember what it is in Unidata, maybe SLEEPM?

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Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2012 4:56 PM
Subject: [U2] Sleeping in Basic

Happy holidays all,

I just want to make sure I did not miss something over the U2 releases. Since 
the Microdata Reality days, I have used "SLEEP nn" to sleep for nn seconds. 
Simple, usually does the trick.

But in today's gotta have it now, I won't wait, environment, a second is 
sometimes way too long.

Is there anything I missed over the last few years to sleep for less than a 
second? I am executing a phantom command from a UniObjects subroutine call and 
waiting for it to finish. I am using a phantom, just in case the program aborts 
or hangs. I am not in control of what code is being run, it could try to read 
or write to an unopened file for example. If the program does hang, I get the 
dreaded "Error 30102" message (not helpful at all).

In most cases, the program reads the data it needs and finishes in less than a 
second.  The UniObjects subroutine then writes a flag I can pick up to see that 
the data is ready to return to the UniObjects client.

I don't want the subroutine constantly looping and reading for the flag. This 
would take a lot of the CPU cycles. But, I don't want to wait up to a second to 
see that the phantom has completed.

Any ideas would be helpful. This needs to run on both UniData and UniVerse.

Have a great New Year. One more year older for us "experienced" developers in 
the PICK community. (circa 1978)

Doug Farmer

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