The first place I'd look for any UO errors is the UO error log. In UD, you need to create a "serverdebug" item in the @UDTHOME directory (in my case this is in "E:\U2\ud"). The contents of this item is:

udcs 10 E:\U2\ud\log\udcs\udcs.log

...which indicates maximum logging and the log should go to the location indicated. From there I've always been able to track down UO problems. They've mostly been with my "UOLOGIN" globally cataloged routine, but sometimes I see other problems.

I'm not sure how to do this in UV, but it should be fairly easy to track down once you activate UO logging.



P.S. I set all of my UO connections to timeout in 5 minutes (in my "E:\U2\unishared\unirpc\unirpcservices" file). This causes the Basic Developer's Toolkit to not work properly, but you can use any other development client you want, as long as it sends a "keepalive".

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I will chime in since I work with Ravi and I am dealing with this issue
along with him.

Thanks for the response Brian, PORT.STATUS should be useful for our

I'll try and be a little more specific and hopefully I know what I'm
talking about:  We have a web application which is using UniObjects and
we are randomly getting multiple (we've seen as many as 9) user sessions
in the LISTU which appear to be hung and it's causing us to reach our
user limit.  We have debugged the web application and verified that all
sessions are being closed properly so we do not believe that it's on the
web side of things.  Although, we cannot duplicate this problem in the
live application either, so we cannot say for sure it's not on the web
side.  My first thought was that the application is calling a PICK
subroutine that is stalling (possibly waiting for input or stuck in an
infinite loop or something).

So, at this point all we know is we are getting these stalled sessions
but we don't know how.  Hopefully with PORT.STATUS we can see whether is
a PICK subroutine that is stalling?

Now, to limit the severity of this problem we discovered there is a
Timeout property of the UniSession object.  However, it seems in the
past we were advised against setting this parameter by Rocket support
and that this timeout should be handled in the unirpcservices file in
the unishared directory?  Does that sound right?  UniAdmin uses the
timeout in the unirpcservices file so I don't think we would want to
shorten the timeout and be booted from UniAdmin sooner.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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If it is a session hang you're possibly looking at locking issues so
check the lock table to see what is waiting and also check for any group
locks that persist.

If it is UniVerse, It's also a good idea to check the errlog file in the
account: if that does not exist, create it as a zero length file (you
can go into the UV account and ED &UFD& errlog and just file it) and it
will log the last 100 errors.

If you can catch the session that has hung you can use the PORT.STATUS
command to see where they were and their calling stack.

Phil's idea of using the remote item security subroutine to audit calls
is good once you've managed to identify the routine concerned, but it
doesn't help you get to that point.

How is your application constructed? Is it terminal based, UniObjects,
If it is terminal based, create a COMO on the LOGIN for that user
session and see if that helps find it.

If it is UniObjects based and you can clearly identify the user (and you
have the time and space) and nothing else has worked, you can actually
watch their session using a network tracer.

I think we need to know a little more about the context of the problem.


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Hi U2 Guru's

Can I tell when a sproc was last executed or who executed it.  If so
Some way to get statistics and access logs. Reason we are asking this is
we are having a session hang issue we have tracked it down to a session
user but have no clue which sproc did the call to trouble shoot.

Thanks in advance

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