John, David:

Thanks, sorry I asked and ran, it was something to do with uvlockd. I
checked the log after a reboot and it hadn't been running for a month+.
The locks are all gone now, next time I will know what to check when
this happens again.


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Good point.  I would start by checking the health of the uvdlockd
process.  We had an issue a few years ago where a misbehaving JDBC
client application would cause a lot of work for the uvdlockd process.
Eventually the uvdlockd.log file in the uv home directory hit 2GB in
size and uvdlockd stopped working completely.  I ended up implementing a
log rotation script for uvdlockd.


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Looks like UV? What version or platform? Did these user process normally
exit UV or did they drop connectivity or abnormally terminate from UV??

UV Lock Daemon typically cleans-up non-deadlock locking issues,
including orphaned locks (sometimes :)).

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Is there a way to resync, or clean the lock list?  It seems like every
once in a while we will get garbage in the lock list that will not go
away until we reboot.    The users are long since logged off and these
locks do not show up in uniadmin.  It doesn't actually seem to do
anything other than make it hard to find active waiters.





Active Read Waiters:      Owner   Waiter

Device....  Inode....     Userno  Userno

  104651069    1586693442        7836   62692

  104651069    1586693442        7836   58520

  104651069    1586693442        7836    5836

  202976660    997568273        4076    9560

  202976660    997568273        4076    8264

  115824063    1371374937        2400    7836

  202976660    997568273        7836     236

  202976660    997568273        7836    5216

  202976660    997568273        7836    7912

  202976660    997568273        7836   59820

  202976660    997568273        7836    3424

  202976660    997568273        7836    7140




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