We ARE using an older version of Datastage.  Part of this project is to 
upgrade, but we are not there yet.  If I can prove that it will work with the 
new version, I will try to blow this issue off for now, but I do need something 
to report back to the powers-that-be.  Unfortunately, I do not have access to 
the exact version we are using at this moment.  Is there a version I can report 
that should resolve this issue?


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What version DataStage are you on? (is it old enough to be the old ObjectCall 

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I have a simple I-Desc that is calling a subroutine.  This works perfectly in 
UniData, but when Datastage tries to reference the I-Desc, it blows up with the 
following error:

xSalesDelvEnhancement..sohdr.DSLink13: ds_udtGetNextPacket Error calling 
DSHELPER subroutine - 30107 - Subroutine failed to complete successfully

I am not a Datastage guy and my Datastage guy is not a UniData guy, so we are 
all scratching our heads.

What very little I see under Google suggests that we need to rebuild the 
repository index by running DS.REINDEX ALL from the Datastage shell.
That seems a bit extreme and my Datastage guy does not think this is it.

Any pearls of wisdom on this little gem?


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