Mike, in response to your question:

mv.NET has an ADO.NET-compliant provider called Adapter Objects. It
exposes the MV environment as tables, rows, columns, and stored
procedures for all CRUD, rather than files, items, attributes, and
BASIC programs, respectively. So the ADO.NET developer gets what
she/he needs without being a Pick expert. The queries to U2 are
pseudo-SQL, rather than being something like SQL-92 compliant. The
idea here is that the MV developer(s) collaborate with the .NET
developer(s) to craft queries with Where, and OrderBy clauses, where
we would normally use WITH and BY. For anything more complex the best
approach is to expose a BASIC subroutine as a stored proc, and accept

mv.NET includes Adapter Objects to help keep non-Pick people happy,
but also included is Core Objects, which is more of a Pick-like
interface. This is a super-set of UO.NET. mv.NET uses UO.NET as a
basic lower-level transport and wraps round it a more powerful set of

If you already abstract your UI from the middle-tier and the data
(Business Access Layer=BAL, Data Access Layer=DAL...) then replacing
existing code should not be a challenge.

mv.NET also includes Solution Objects, which generates strongly typed
classes - completely abstracting you away from database queries. This
will be familiar to those who know NHibernate, CSLA, the .NET Entity
Framework, and other ORM tools. You generate collection classes like
Customers which encapsulate instances of Customer, and those might
have methods like .Save or .UpdateSalesRep. So the mechanics of data
access are eliminated and the classes are usable by anyone independent
of their experience with RDBMS or Pick.

There are also built-in facilities for session pooling, Web Services,
Silverlight, and other common requirements.

Please feel free to contact me for more information, including
mentoring and other services to help with the conversion.

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> From: Mike Randall 
> Anyone out there have a list of the various ADO connectors for
> Universe?
> I'm looking for pros and cons of the various offerings.
> We had been using the data provider from IBM and now have Rocket's
> version.
> As we have experienced some issues,    I need to know what is
available as
> options to possibly migrate our current web applications over to.
> New management and customer complaints about the web applications
> a bad combination.

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