Just as an aside, there's also a UOLOGIN global cataloged routine that is always called before a UO login (I created it with that name). It's a very handy routine to use to manage connections.


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Is this also available in Universe? (Release 10.3.7 for windows)

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There is an undocumented feature: ' ODBCLOGIN'. This is a subroutine that is called 
for every ODBC call. You can use this to either blank prevent ODBC, or setting up 
restricted login access & login.

If you are under a support contract, contact your support provider and they 
should be able to help you get ODBCLOGIN up and running.


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We may need to figure out a way to disable ODBC access to UniData due to data 
access concerns. I've set up connections before, but have never approached ODBC 
from this perspective. I'm hoping there's a service we can turn off or a port 
we can block. One possible constraint is that we still need to be able to 
connect to UniData via DataStage. We use the native unidata connector, so I'm 
hoping that won't get in the way. Thoughts?

UniData 7.1
AIX 5.3

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