Hello All,

I am just wondering what U2 or UniVerse specific integrated testing suites 
people are using out there and ideally in use today.

We have the need for a UV11.x specific or capable tool for automating our 
existing system/unit and regression test packages.  We have a our existing test 
suites/scripts in HP QualityCenter  (HPQC) and we currently manually capture 
and store the results (plus track 'defects') there as well.

Ideally, this tool should be able to integrate with HPQC. At minimum some means 
to capture results - test case number plus success/failure to a file.

Our primary application interface is via a terminal interface via SSH emulating 
VT220 terminals. But we also use various interfaces UV Clients APIs or 
third-party utilities (accessed via UNIX shell scripts or the like). Ideally, 
testing package should be able to "drive" (simulate keystrokes via keyboard 
entry) or "invoke" all of these in some fashion. Hence some sort of scripting 
of terminal emulator or UNIX shell and/or client APIs would be ideal.

Another requirement is a tool that has the ability to perform simulated 
end-user terminal session "load testing" (ie., connect X number of users via 
terminal emulation over SSH and perhaps client APIs too) - we would could 
simulate actual users interactive access and run X, Y or Z test scripts. The 
primarily purpose of this is to simulate database record locking contention, 
etc. under load, etc. Plus other stress testing under load.

Your solution could be a commerical product or a perhaps some in-house tool or 
opensource or combination thereof...whatever it is - I'd be interested to hear 
about this tool or your experience of attempting to do this.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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