As Symeon mentioned, protocol logging is required to help troubleshoot issues. 

If you like to use Firefox, the 'Firebug' plug-in is helpful to see what goes 
on behind the scenes - but only once you have familiarised yourself with the 
basic concepts of the HTTP protocol. Otherwise, not much will make much sense...

The variable unassigned and UV version, shouldn't be an issue... we got UV SOAP 
going on UV10.1 ...years ago... using the IBM UV sample code mentioned in this 

We cloned this code for a proof of concept and our version worked for us (if I 
recall correctly)...

Obviously (maybe not), this is sample code in the URL will not actually work 
anymore - if actually did all those years ago (I can't recall).... but it 
should give you a "heads-up" so to speak and point you in the right direction 
(more or less - hopefully more!)...


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