For some weird reason I tend to like to Pipe delimit my outputs created this 
Don't ask me why.  Maybe it's more visual, you can't see Tabs.

This is the first place I've been where they are really big on creating 
electronic versions only, not using paper.  And then we have an routing system, 
that copies reports to multiple parties auto-magically each day, week and 




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> Another way is to use the SETPTR, to save the printout output to a HOLD file 
item (which is a directory) and a .txt or .csv type file, then just Print, in 
columns and rows (comma or tab seperated or whatever), and the results are in 
your nice neat O/S level text file.

I did exactly that for a few applications over the years.  Dumping the
output to a &HOLD& worked fine when we were transferring data from
Universe systems to another platform.

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