In BASIC you can loop/repeat on SYSTEM(14) or INPUT var,-1

If it's Unix, check your stty settings for ocrnl and onlcr. This may give you 
an immediate fix.


On 22 Feb 2013, at 19:20, Al DeWitt <> wrote:

> I have an input screen (built with System Builder) where data can either be 
> entered manually or via a barcode scanner.  The screen has 3 text boxes for 
> input.  The barcode option fills two of the text boxes and is supposed to 
> land on the third box to await input.  However, the scanner must be adding an 
> extra return or something because when I scan it  the third field's Process 
> After executes.
> What can I do to flush the input buffer at the end of my validation routine 
> on my second field...or is it better to do this on the Process Before on my 
> third field.
> It's more of a nuisance but it would look more professional if I could make 
> it clean.
> Thanks.
> Albert DeWitt, CPIM
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