Or, instead of SAMBA on the HP-UX system, you could have an NFS share on
the Windows box - Windows Server 2008 has Microsoft "NFS Services for
Windows" and there are several freeware / shareware / commercial NFS
clients for Windows.

Lots of ways to skin this particular cat

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How about using scp with public/private key authentication running from
a unix cron to scp from the windows host to a dir on the unix host?
Requires ssh installed on both hosts.

I've also installed Cygwin on a windows host in the past and used that
for the ssh/scp component as you get a nice unix flavour when you ssh in

Alternatively as someone has already said try using smbmount to mount a
windows share on a unix dir and use unix cp or mv. Requires samba
installed on your HPUX host and that install must have the smbmount (or
equivalent) utility.

You could also use ftp to fetch the files from the windows server.
Requires ftp server installed on windows host.

All the above could be driven from within a UD/UV basic program.


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