Could it be that the dates are coming through in the wrong format?
e.g. if you need to change the DEFAULTS definition in your ENGLISH.MSG file?

Just a thought


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we upgraded from UD 5.2/Solaris to UD 7.2/RH about a month ago and so it
looked fine so far.
Now I had a call that there are purchase orders missing on a Cognos report.
When I investigated I noticed that from the day of the upgrade I have rows
in the table used for that report with missing dates.

The report is based on a SQL Server 2000 table that gets updated every night
with Purchasing information from UD using DTS.
We want to track supplier performance so I take a snapshot of the
outstanding Purchase order deliveries every night and add them to this
Each row also contains the date the snapshot was done.
Some order line have multiple deliveries so I created a I-type dictionary
item using REUSE(@DATE).
This is mapped in the schema and was working just fine under 5.2 but now
there is only a date for the first multivalue.

I created a new subtable using the 7.2 VSG and the result is the same.
The dictionary works just fine from ECL but in SQL only the first row has a
date and all others are null.

Any idea why this doesn't work anymore under UD 7.2?

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