Hi again,

Finally had a chance to get back to this and have had success using a slightly 
modified version of the code here:

After reviewing David's suggestions below and confirming the certificate 
requirements, the only areas requiring change were the URL (to the https url we 
had set up), and the path to where our client certificate accessible by UV 
(e.g. /opt/uv/certificates/Client-Root.cer)

This brought some success as I was at least getting a response from the 
webserver but it was an error code 415 indicating incorrect mime type.
e.g. "415 Cannot process the message because the content type 
 (the output is truncated but is just enough to get an idea of what is wrong)

Then I discovered that the http_method parameter for 'POST' in the 
createSecureRequest function has a default mime type of 
"application/x-www-form-urlencoded" so I changed the HTTP.POST variable from 
"POST" to "POST:application/soap+xml".

Hey presto! Now I get this reply from the webserver:

ResponseHeaders         : Content-Length▒518▒Content-Type▒application/soap+xml; 
charset=utf-8▒Server▒Microsoft-IIS/7.0▒X-Powered-By▒ASP.NET▒Date▒Tue, 05 Mar 
2013 23:41:35 GMT
ResponseData            : <s:Envelope 
HttpStatus              : 200  OK 

Many thanks again to David and Symeon for their assistance in this.


PS My code at this stage is only a prototype and is functionally the same as 
the example in the URL above but if anyone would like a copy then please let me 

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Hi Peter,

You easily change that sample source code try amending these lines to access 
any SSL webserver/appserver.

For example the Firstmac.com.au website using SSL by default I see - so that'll 
be a good site to use as an worked example - that uses a CA Root certificate.

Basically,  all you'll need a copy of you GeoTrust's root certificate 
accessible by your (UV SOAP/HTTP) client application.

You must upload this (or any other SSL certificate) to your UV host and tell 
you UV application where it can be found...

* Assumes client host can resolve and access this URL

* For HTTPS SSL www.firstmac.com.au is using GeoTrust CA certificates, hence 
upload a DER copy of it first.

URL = "https://www.firstmac.com.au/home";

* Define the full path to the GeoTrust CA Root certificate, uploaded to the 
host (exported in DER format)

X.CERT.PATH=@PATH:"/geotrust.cer" ;* Full path to a DER copy of GeoTrust CA 
Root Certificate
X.USED.AS="2"                      ; * 1=Self-signed, 2=CA Issued certificate
X.FORMAT="2"                       ; * DER format
X.ALGORITHM="1"                    ; * RSA key

Hope this helps. The CA Root SSL certificate business is complex and is part of 
that steep learning curve!

Good luck!


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Hi David,

Thanks for the url - am going through this now and the accompanying log.

It seems the "host not found in hostlist" error is not an issues so will 
continue investigating other causes.

I do believe the answer will lie somewhere in my own malformed request so just 
need to work it out I guess.

Will post updates as this progresses.

Many thanks,



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As Symeon mentioned, protocol logging is required to help troubleshoot issues.

If you like to use Firefox, the 'Firebug' plug-in is helpful to see what goes 
on behind the scenes - but only once you have familiarised yourself with the 
basic concepts of the HTTP protocol. Otherwise, not much will make much sense...

The variable unassigned and UV version, shouldn't be an issue... we got UV SOAP 
going on UV10.1 ...years ago... using the IBM UV sample code mentioned in this 
URL: http://www.mail-archive.com/u2-users@listserver.u2ug.org/msg17243.html

We cloned this code for a proof of concept and our version worked for us (if I 
recall correctly)...

Obviously (maybe not), this is sample code in the URL will not actually work 
anymore - if actually did all those years ago (I can't recall).... but it 
should give you a "heads-up" so to speak and point you in the right direction 
(more or less - hopefully more!)...



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