You're welcome Peter. Sounds like you're past first base (communications OK) 
and now the challenge is handing the XML data exchanges. That will be fun!
Will you use be the UV BASIC XML DOM routines?  

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Hi again,

Finally had a chance to get back to this and have had success using a slightly 
modified version of the code here:

After reviewing David's suggestions below and confirming the certificate 
requirements, the only areas requiring change were the URL (to the https url we 
had set up), and the path to where our client certificate accessible by UV 
(e.g. /opt/uv/certificates/Client-Root.cer)

This brought some success as I was at least getting a response from the 
webserver but it was an error code 415 indicating incorrect mime type.
e.g. "415 Cannot process the message because the content type 
 (the output is truncated but is just enough to get an idea of what is wrong)

Then I discovered that the http_method parameter for 'POST' in the 
createSecureRequest function has a default mime type of 
"application/x-www-form-urlencoded" so I changed the HTTP.POST variable from 
"POST" to "POST:application/soap+xml".

Hey presto! Now I get this reply from the webserver:

ResponseHeaders         : Content-Length▒518▒Content-Type▒application/soap+xml; 
charset=utf-8▒Server▒Microsoft-IIS/7.0▒X-Powered-By▒ASP.NET▒Date▒Tue, 05 Mar 
2013 23:41:35 GMT
ResponseData            : <s:Envelope 
HttpStatus              : 200  OK 

Many thanks again to David and Symeon for their assistance in this.


PS My code at this stage is only a prototype and is functionally the same as 
the example in the URL above but if anyone would like a copy then please let me 

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