Hello everyone,

We have been playing around with the UniBasic commands createRequest and 
submitRequest for use with some web services provided by our external 
vendors.  Unfortunately, one of the web services requires updates to 
existing data records to be submitted using the PUT method, instead of 
POST.  According to the UniBasic Commands Reference for both UniData 7.2 
and 7.3, the PUT method appears to not be supported for the createRequest 
command.  That struck me as a little odd, so just to be sure, we tried it 
and couldn't get it to work.

Does anyone know of an alternative way to create http requests in UniBasic 
that would support the PUT method?  We have UniData 7.2 running on HP-UX. 
Most of my programming experience is on other platforms, typically on 
Windows, so my normal solution to this problem would be to make use of 
Microsoft's WinHTTP object (or one of its equivalent siblings) to handle 
the http request.  Is there a way to do something equivalent to that in 
UniBasic on HP-UX? 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me!
Jim Stoner
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