And after all of *that*, make sure you have installed .NET framework 4 on
the web server, and if you are using old ASP style pages, you need to
register the COM wrappers. Only supports the connection by name (the old
open2 syntax) not the older connection via ADODB.


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My PC dies a few weeks ago and I am trying to re-install the U2 Web DE
package on my PC so that I can connect to UniData & Redback on my UNIX box.
Note that my web server running IIS is on yet a 3rd box.

My documentation is slim to none and I am hoping to get some guidance.

Everything is working fine on my UNIX box (RedBack and UniData) and all is
good on my web server.  I just need to get U2WebDE running from my PC.

As I recall, when it asks if I want the Complete or Custom setup, I choose
I am fine with the destination of C:\IBM\U2WEBDE When it asks for which
features, it defaults to 1) U2 Web Designer, 2) IIS Gateway & 3)
International Licenses.
If I click "Next", I get a window showing an empty box stating: "0 IIS web
sites are defined. Select one to use in this installation."

Obviously, I am missing something here.

If I backup to the features and also turn on the RedBack Object Server for
UniData, and click next, it wants to start a Database service on my PC, but
UniData is on a UNIX box.

Where am I going wrong?


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