> From: Wjhonson 
> Thanks I never knew that history.  I've been fairly focused on [what
> now called] mvEnterprise, followed by Universe,  MvBase, and then
> back to Universe.  So never got into the D3 stuff.
> So if SB is not supported on D3, I wonder if there is a competing
> product that runs on D3, *and* more importantly actually has a toe
> hold in the market.

Well, I didn't mention D3 in my original note because that's not the
only platform affected. mvBase is also affected. I dunno about
mvEnterprise. But yeah, let's face it, Ardent/IBM targeted PS/RD/TL
with a legitimate but fairly hostile competitive move, and yes all of
those platforms belong to TigerLogic.

As to competing product, I wouldn't really use that term. If you use a
product like SB that you can't get away from because your application
relies on it, then there is no "competition" as in alternatives of
choice, any more than chocolate is an alternative for someone with a
cocaine habit. That's why this was a fairly predatory tactic.

If one considers alternatives in the same class as SB+ for _new_
development, there are a bunch of them including DesignBais, Viságe,
ATGUI, and OpenInsight. Those are application development platforms.
Then there are connectivity tools with similar but varying degrees of
integration and GUI design, including FlashCONNECT, mv.NET, UO.NET,
and Coyote. All of these tools, and many others "compete" with SB+ in
an audience where people have more of a choice and limits on time and

My original point was that there's no clean path from old SB to
_anything_, including the current SB+. I can't easily recommend an old
site migrate to UV with SB+ now because the pain is about as bad as
going with other options.

The options I want to avoid presenting to any MV user is migration
away from the platform, or getting a completely new MV application.
There are plenty of people offering these "solutions".


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