To specify the 'DELETE' method in 'createRequest' we changed to HTTP version 
1.1 with the {RC = setHTTPDefault("VERSION", "1.1")} command. According to the 
documentation (BASR.pdf) version 1.1 is also needed for PUT.

Nick Tilstra
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Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
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> Hello everyone,
> We have been playing around with the UniBasic commands createRequest 
> and submitRequest for use with some web services provided by our 
> external vendors.  Unfortunately, one of the web services requires 
> updates to existing data records to be submitted using the PUT method, 
> instead of POST.  According to the UniBasic Commands Reference for 
> both UniData 7.2 and 7.3, the PUT method appears to not be supported 
> for the createRequest command.  That struck me as a little odd, so 
> just to be sure, we tried it and couldn't get it to work.
> Does anyone know of an alternative way to create http requests in 
> UniBasic that would support the PUT method?  We have UniData 7.2 running on 
> HP-UX.
> Most of my programming experience is on other platforms, typically on 
> Windows, so my normal solution to this problem would be to make use of 
> Microsoft's WinHTTP object (or one of its equivalent siblings) to 
> handle the http request.  Is there a way to do something equivalent to 
> that in UniBasic on HP-UX?
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me!
> Jim Stoner
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