Then I'm not going to say anything about the 16384 we used to set it to :)


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From: Dave Davis
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Uppercase has always worked for me.

$VFIELDSIZE and $vfieldsize are distinct variables to the operating system,
so I suspect you should stick with uppercase.

6000 - that's huge - what are you putting in these things?  I've had to
increase to 380 or so before.

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From: Jeffrey Butera
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We've had some issues with i-desc failing over years and the solution was to
set the evironment variable VFIELDSIZE to some amount (6000 or more).

My real question is does unidata care about case for this variable (on *nix,
not windoze)?  I've seen it documented both as VFIELDSIZE and vfieldsize and
not sure unidata sees one or both of these.

Jeffrey Butera, PhD

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